Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pictures from Sunday

Opening my birthday present from my Mom and Dad...Mom loves her tape...haha!

The really pretty Mizzou scarf Mom and Dad got me! It will prove to be endlessly entertaining in a minute...

Chris is not impressed by the Mizzou scarf...but he will be later!

Mom caught us...  :)

Seriously. That boy and his collars.

Some of the family eating...that's what we do. Eat. Lots.

The guys have retired to the living room...more importantly, the big TV and football.

All my favorite boys...

I think he'd make a great pirate...

BAHAHAHA! He was not at all amused by my suggestion for his Halloween costume...boo him. Ha Ha!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Planning and Football!

The wedding is almost done! Yay! Lots of details in a short amount of time, but we got everything picked out and booked and ready to go! We are getting married Friday, December 30th here in Liberty. We were super blessed to get a perfect location for our itty bitty wedding! The WynBrick Center is a restored victorian home that is going to be the perfect setting for our Christmas wedding! You can look at the pictures of other weddings at www.wynbrickcenter.com. There's one of a Christmas wedding that totally sealed the deal for me!

We had a get together at our house yesterday and I got to introduce Chris, and Grover, to my Mom's side of the family. It was an awesome day! I love being surrounded by my family! Mom took some pictures, but she's not super great at emailing them from her camera...hopefully I'll get those posted before we are actually married...haha!

Other than that, I've been coaching lots of cheer and watching lots of high school football! I love the fall and am really enjoying being around for all the of the school happenings in the fall! Friday night is Homecoming and my birthday! I teased my cheer girls that they didn't have to throw me a party quite that big! A cake would have been sufficient! It's been good for a laugh!

Things are great! Couldn't be happier and definitely could be more blessed!

Love to you all!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LOTS of Excitement!

Quick post today to announce some VERY exciting news!

Chris and I got engaged on Monday at the JC Nichols fountain on the Plaza! We are planning a December wedding and couldn't be more excited! I was VERY surprised and couldn't be happier! I'll be sure and post more information at the date gets closer, but we're really looking forward to a small wedding with our immediate families at Christmastime. If you know me at all, and how much I love Christmas, there is definitely no other time of the year for me to get married!

Thanks so much for all your love and support! Love to you all!