Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Weekend!

I had a big weekend...lots of exciting stuff going on for sure!

It all started with not one, but two rounds of crazy Thursday night and another Friday only storms like that when Chris is gone, I swear. So the dogs and I slept in the living room so they would quit howling and I could quit yelling...haha!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for one of the most noble causes one could be called to participate in...beating kansas! I participated in the Rivalry Run to raise money for domestic violence prevention. It's also a Missouri versus kansas race, so of course, I was there, in all of my Mizzou glory! I finished. It wasn't pretty due to a ridiculously hilly course (not my strong point) and the ragweed and mold counts being astronomical, but I got it done in the name of the Tigers! Here are a few shots of me, as unflattering as they are, from the race!

Here's the pre-race shot...other than looking exhausted and about 10 years older than I actually am, not too bad for 7:00 on a Saturday morning!
Crossing the finish line! I didn't officially die, though I thought I might at one point! My brother pointed out that I didn't look "that tired." Thanks, Lance, thanks...

Here's a map of the route. The graph at the bottom shows the elevation changes throughout the course...not so much fun, but it was a killer workout!

After my race I got to meet up with Mom for lunch! And then Jo and her friend Emily came down to see me for the rest of the day...we had planned to go out that night, but I got a phone call from a good friend that is due to have her second baby any day and they needed somewhere for the oldest baby to hang out, so the four of us spent some time shopping and eating McDonald's! It was so much fun to have her with us!

Chris got home from a few days in Idaho yesterday, so we're looking forward to both being home all week this week! That hasn't happened in almost a month! Crazy!

Back to my kiddos! Love to you all!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still Horrible at This...

I know, I promise and promise to get better at posting more often, but I definitely haven''s to getting better at it...maybe!

I'm in my classroom and am ready to go when our kiddos get here in the morning! I'm really excited for my second year. Everyone says it's much easier than the first one, and I have to admit, it was nice to roll into pre-service days and know what I was supposed to do and where everything was and who everyone was...getting ready this year has been much less nerve-wracking! We have a really great group coming up this year and I'm really excited to get started with them tomorrow!

Summer school was great! I had so much fun teaching little girls cheer in the afternoons after I coached my big girls in the morning! Our JV girls WON the regional cheer competition on the 22nd of July! I couldn't be more proud of them and all of the hard work they put in this summer to make that happen! They're a great group of girls and I really look forward to working with them more throughout football and basketball seasons!

Summer school had another added of the teachers I got to know in the first few days of summer school actually set me up on a date with her neighbor! Typically, I'm not the blind date type...been on one other in my life, it was horrible...but I decided to go anyway. Definitely glad I went on that date! Chris and I have been together since and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world! We're having so much fun with our dogs, and the Harley and just hanging out! I definitely couldn't be happier!!

Other than that, things are pretty boring! Still running a 5K a month with Melissa! We ran the Juvenile Meningitis run at Legends in June and then the Jingle in July 5K in July at World's of Fun. I am progressively placing higher in my age group and my time started at a little over 32 minutes and is now down to 28 minutes! So, progress is being made! I'm running in the Rivalry Run ( this weekend at Power and Light. It's supports a great cause, funding programs to help stop domestic violence, and it's all for bragging rights! As you register and finish, you earn points for Missouri or Kansas and there's a traveling trophy to the state that registers the most and finishes the best! Needless to say I'm going to run in my Mizzou gear! Beat the big chickens!

Alright, I need to get back to my room and a few last minute plans before I head out for the day for one more night of relaxing before I see kids in the morning!

Love you all!