Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The last day...

Holy cow...gotta love seventh graders ready to go on Christmas Break. Ok, I'm just as ready for a break as they are! I have been just as ADHD and psychotic as they have been the last couple of days! It's just been complete insanity. We are watching The Goonies as an entire seventh grade. It's my FAVORITE so I was pretty pumped about the movie selection! Most of them haven't even seen it, which makes me feel as old as I really am, but I do LOVE this movie, so I'm okay with being old!

I'm really excited for a break! It's been a long stretch since Thanksgiving and I have ALL kinds of stuff that needs to get done the next few weeks! Malli has some more vet appointments...we think she has some kind of food sensitivity, so we're trying to figure that out. She's the most expensive free dog I've ever had! We're just ready for her to feel better though. I'm willing to do whatever at this point so she feels better. I've got some of those fun, annual appointments myself, and then it's off to finish changing my name and all the fun that goes with that!

I did buy myself a pretty awesome Christmas present...a 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited. It's white, and new, and awesome! It looks just like this one...I don't have pictures of my own yet, but it looks just like this!

I'm pretty much in love with it. It has a blue tooth phone system, leather, ipod jack, all the cool, fun stuff that's awesome!

Christmas Break is pretty much planned, though! Lots of appointments this week! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Mom's, hang out the beginning of next week, and then off to Iowa to visit Brian's family! Then home right before the second semester starts all over again!

Overall, I would definitely say that my first teaching semester was a success! Lots of stuff to figure out yet, but it's gone so well! My kids are great! We've made it successfully through the first half of the curriculum and we're set and ready to go for next semester! Space and weather are on the agenda for next semester. It's going to be great to arm those kiddos with weather knowledge in the spring and then send them home to be little meteorologists and make their parents crazy at home...haha!

Alright, probably time to make sure everyone's doing what they're supposed to be doing...haha!

Merry Christmas!! And love to you all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's almost Christmas!

I've almost survived my first semester of being a seventh grade science teacher! Not only have I survived it, but I have loved every single minute of it. Even the yucky, uncomfortable, I'm going to scream moments! We have really awesome kids this year and I really feel like I've been able to connect with at least a few of them on a level that allows me to really be a positive influence in their lives. I know that sounds cliche and teachery. But it's really true. I can't imagine doing anything else. I am much more comfortable in this role than I have ever been in my entire professional life. I've found a work home, and I'm really excited about that!

I'm also very excited for Christmas! It's going to be very different this year, but in such an awesome way! I'm so excited to spend lots of time with all of my family. And have a nice break before we get back to it in February. It'll be lots of fun to have the same break as my Mom and all of my teacher-friends, too.

It appears that we're going to make it through the first half of the year without a snow day, too! I really just want one or two this year, but I'd really be okay with none and getting out of here that much earlier in May...I'm debating teaching summer school, though, so it may all just kind of be a wash...

Alright, I'm done rambling! I love you and miss you all! Can't wait to see most of you around Christmas!

Love to all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So it's final...according to the Clinton County family court, I am no longer married. I am so relieved, and excited, and exhausted, and just the tiniest bit sad for what was supposed to be, but more than anything, I'm so excited that I survived it all...and have SO MUCH to look forward to. I've learned so much about myself, who I am, who I'm not...what I want and what I don't want. I really think that's what God intended for me to get out of this experience. It's been hard, and sad, and awful, but at the same time SO MANY good things have come out of it. So many good things.

Of course this news comes right before a big day for me tomorrow...our little boy's birthday. It's always a hard day for me, but it helps so much to remember, and know that he's in absolutely no pain, and has more than enough grandmas and aunts and friends to take care of him until I make it up there someday in the very far off future! I know he's in great hands and have no doubt that I'll meet him, again, some day.

God is good. He's always there to take care of me when I need it, and even when I think I don't. I thank Him for the people's he's reminded me that I've always had in my life, and for the new people he has put in my path in the last few months. I love you all, so much.

Ms. Nelson

Friday, November 12, 2010

My project this week...

I finally got all organized into ny binders! I'm such a nerd but I'm so excited! It's the little things in life...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Germ Donkeys are at it Again....

So, I currently have the latest version of the crud that my little lovelies are passing around...dang them. Being a first-year teacher is like serving combat duty in some foreign, third world country where you never know what kind of nasty you're going to catch...I had a pretty good streak going...hadn't been sick enough to miss school since the second week of school...now I'm sick enough to miss school, but we're smack in the middle of our Force and Motion unit and there's no way I'm leaving a sub to take care of that...so, I'm toughing it out...making sure to infect as many of them along the way as possible ;)

Other than that, there's not too much that's terribly exciting...I got to announce the American Royal Junior Livestock Judging Contest again this year. It is always so much fun and I really look forward to getting to do that every year!

Otherwise, I'm pretty boring! The dog is doing well! She's a little holy terror, but at least she's cute! I've started to get some decorating done in my apartment and will have to post pictures soon after I get it all done! I only have three boxes left to unpack and some organizing to do and then I'll be officially moved in. It only took me twoish months, but who's counting, and who cares for that matter.

Next week is a hard week for me...especially doing it alone this year. I'm just glad I have amazing friends and a wonderful family to stand by me as I face my little boy's birthday for another year. I pray that I won't ever forget, but that it continues to get a little easier, every year. Please just say a quick prayer if you can. I'd really appreciate that!

Love you all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

United Way Campaign Accomplished!

So...I'm either super naive and stupid or overly zealous about everything, but I decided to volunteer to run our United Way campaign at school this year! It was last week and was a HUGE success! By my calculations, we brought in more than twice what LMS brought in last year, so that's not too shabby for a first-year teacher and United Way coordinator! I have all kinds of ideas for next year and am looking forward to the chance to take it on again!

Other than counting change, my life has been pretty much the same old, boring thing. My goal this week is to get my apartment together once and for all...I'm getting ready to pay my second rent bill so it's time for all of the boxed to be gone for good. I have all kinds of stuff I need to get, too, so I can get things all settled. It's nice to have all of my stuff in one spot, though. I am in total organization mode so hopefully I can get it all put together this week and it will actually be a functioning household! YAY!

Hmmm, what else...I'm going to a new church that I'm really enjoying. I've tried a few here in Liberty, but so far, Second Baptist is in the lead. It's a lot like the church I grew up in and there are lots of opportunities for me to be involved, which I'm really excited about! I'll keep you posted on that one.

Not a whole lot else going on. Just teaching and being a boring old person! I'll keep everyone posted on the boringness!!

Love you all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Conferences, Football, and Unpacking, Oh My!

Ok...so, I'm still unpacking in my new apartment, a month later...apparently you have to be there to unpack things...oh well. It's awesome storage for all of my boxes right now! Between all kinds of stuff going on at school and still working at Sylvan, things have been VERY busy! But busy has been good for me lately.

I recently started a read-the-Bible-in-a-year program...it's going well so far. I am really enjoying it. It's such a great way to end my day...it's an online program and I actually have an app on my phone so I can read it while I wait for school to start, etc. It's pretty awesome!

Last week we had our fall parent/teacher conferences. I survived...we saw almost 80 sets of parents in two nights. I was actually thrilled with that! We have about 100 kiddos on our team, so we ended up seeing a HUGE percentage of our parents. It's great that they care enough to show up! Our conferences were student led, so it was fun to watch my kids talk their parents through our energy unit that we just completed and even more fun to watch them get excited as they told their moms and dads about how we just started electricity! I really enjoyed getting to know all of the parents, too.

On a side note, if you ever get ridiculously bored and are interested in what I'm teaching my lovelies...you can visit my blackboard site by clicking HERE. Make sure you use the username LPS and the password GUEST. Feel free to click through the information on the left and see what we're up to!

I've been thoroughly involved with MIZZOU football this season...not that that's anything new. I'm super pumped for OU this weekend and GAME DAY! Too bad I'm an adult and have responsibilities...otherwise I'd so be there...I'll settle for watching it on TV like all the other old alumni. Boo.

Other than that, things have been pretty boring. I'm getting super ready for everything to be finished personally so I can move on...it'll all be over in less than 23 days...not that I'm counting or anything.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Miss Malli

Geez...I am horrible at this!

Ok...I swear it won't be two months again...alright, who knows!

LOTS has happened since the last time I wrote!

School is going VERY well! I spent the day today getting ready for my first parent/teacher conference! We are having them tomorrow night and Thursday night and then no school on Friday! YAY! A three day weekend is much needed!

I have a new little friend! Her name is Malli and she's a miniature Australian shepherd! She's my snuggle buddy and she's adorable! She was a rescue...and free...so it doesn't get much better than that. We're working on not barking when Mom leaves for school...and not pooping in the house. Silly dog.

I got moved to Liberty in September! It's been really nice being so close to everything. The 7 minute commute to work is so much better than my 45 minute drive in and out! I'm really enjoying being down here full time!

Other than that, things are pretty boring! Just teaching and teaching and grading and tutoring. That's about the extent of it right now! But I wouldn't have it any other way! I'll include pictures of the puppy soon!!

Much love,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here we go!

Kids in t minus 58 minutes!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

End of new teacher meetings...more real teacher meetings to come!

I've officially survived new teacher meetings! Tomorrow is a work day in our room and Thursday is the beginning of our all-faculty in-service!

So...I have just a few things left to do in my classroom and then I'll post pictures! I promise!

I've also had a chance to do some lesson planning...study skills, the scientific method and the metric system to start the year off right! I'm super excited!!

Love you and miss you all! Hopefully pictures tomorrow...


Friday, August 6, 2010

Its REALLY official...

Here until 4 today...I'll let you know how its going then...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

And it begins...

First Day of NEW TEACHER Meetings!

I've been sitting in the same computer seat since 8am...it's 1:08 pm...bleh. I have learned lots of new and interesting things about my BlackBoard site and how to use the technology in my classroom. I just hope I can remember how to use it all...

Tomorrow is my first, official, day of required, district new teacher meetings. I'm really excited...I'm sure I won't be at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon when I'm done and totally fried with two more weeks of meetings to go. But for now, I'm trying to stay excited!! Ha Ha!

My classroom is just about done, I promise I'll post pictures soon...

I'm sure I'll keep you posted as I get through the day tomorrow...wish me luck!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Starting Over...

Happy New School Year!!!

I just started my meetings this morning for my first year teaching requirements. I'm so excited to have a fresh start at a new school, with a new job, and an entirely different outlook on life. Well, an entirely different life, really.

Those of you close to me know the last six months have been trying at best, but I've learned A LOT, and am thankful for the chance to start over. Not very many people get a second chance, especially one this big and wonderful, so I'm going to take full advantage of the opportunity God has given me and do everything I can with it.

I've moved from one middle school to another in the Liberty school district this year. I'll be teaching 7th grade science at Liberty Middle School and couldn't be more excited! I'm sitting in my classroom as I type! My room is just about ready (I'll upload some pictures when I'm done here) and I'm really ready to start the planning for the first few weeks of school as the other teachers start to arrive. The first year teaching thing is a little daunting, but I'm more excited than scared so it should all work out in the wash, right?!

I'm getting ready to move myself to Liberty, too...It's been a great six months with Mom and Dad but I'm looking forward to the five minute commute instead of the 45 minute commute...sounds a whole lot easier to me. I've never had a commute less than 30 minutes, so that will be super nice for me! I've told myself it will give me time to get up and workout in the mornings before I go to school...and on top of that the Liberty Community Center is attached to our school building...motivation?

Other than that, things are great! Just keeping busy and gearing up for the school year! I have lots to learn but I'm really looking forward to all of it!

Love you and Miss you all!