Monday, March 14, 2011

All Kinds of Things...

It's been a while, sorry! Things around here have definitely been a little crazy! Lots of school and gymnastics and dancing and working...

A few personal updates...I have signed up to run the Apple Blossom 5K with my good friend Melissa Leander in St. Joe on May 7th. I am trying to raise money for a fantastic cause as I run. I would love to have your support! If you are interested in sponsoring me that day, please visit this LINK to donate online! I'd really appreciate your support and I take off on another crazy fitness endeavor!

Speaking of crazy fitness endeavors...I just finished day 20 of my new TurboFire program. It is definitely kicking my butt, but I think my butt needed to be kicked! I have been getting up at 4:00, eating something, laying back down until 4:30 and then getting up to get in a hardcore, crazy workout before I have to get in the shower a little before 6:00. Yes, folks, this is all AM. Unfortunately, 4:00 this morning definitely felt more like 3:00 AM and I'm struggling already today...but it's all been totally worth it. Without much change to my diet (I'm working on that next) I have lost half an inch around my waist, half an inch around my thighs, and an inch around my hips! YAY! I have been really pleased with the results. The workout are definitely really hard, but totally fun and worth it. And, believe it or not, I'm actually getting used to the morning schedule. If I don't do it then, I definitely don't do it, so that has been keeping me super motivated to get it all done! I'll be sure and keep everyone posted. I wss supposed to take a before picture...that I still haven't done, probably should do that before I get to after...hmmm...haha!

Otherwise, things have been really busy! Caden's last gymnastics meet for the year was yesterday. She had her first meet where all of her event scores were above a 9.0! And she placed 3rd All-Around. We are SO PROUD of her and are amazed by how much she has grown in her sport just this year!

I need to take my kids to lunch...I'll be sure and update everyone later in the week after Brian and I get back from Branson and our little Spring Break trip! I'm sure I'll have all kinds of fish stories, literally!

Love you,

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