Monday, May 23, 2011

LOTS Has Happened...

Holy's been forever. I promise I'll do a better job staying on top of this throughout the summer! I have LOTS to update everyone on!

Things at school have been great! My kids were awesome this year and while I'm a little sad to see them go, I'll more than likely be just fine sending them on to the eighth grade! Ha Ha! They were a great class and have taught me all kinds of things this year! I wish them all the best as they start junior high next fall!

I'm also officially an Assistant Varsity Cheer Coach at Liberty High School! I'll be working with all three squads an I'm super excited to help JV get ready for regional competition and Varsity get ready for NATIONALS in Orlando in February! We're super excited for our first adventure into the national cheer competition realm...wish us luck, and be sure to stay tuned here for all kinds of ways you can help us as we work to raise money to help get us down there!

That's pretty much been my life for the last few months! Lots of school and cheer and running and working out. I ran my first 5K over Mother's Day weekend. It went well...I didn't fall over and finished in the middle of my age group! I have another one planned for June 11...stay tuned for details!

I'm really looking forward to teaching cheer to little ones at summer school this year, too, and traveling to see a few friends, hopefully! I'm really enjoying having lots of time to myself and doing the things I enjoy!

I'll update more later! Take care!

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