Friday, November 18, 2011

Been a while...

Just in case anyone is worried...I'm still horrible at remembering to update! But so much has happened since my last post, almost two months ago.

Wedding: It's DONE! Just waiting on the big day to get here now! I have a dress fitting tomorrow morning and Chris has to go get his suit this weekend, and then we are officially dressed for the occasion. Now if Mom could just figure out what she's going to wear...haha! I'm kidding Mom, take your time! We can't wait to spend the day with our families and share pictures with the rest of you ASAP!

Speaking of pictures, our engagement pictures were so much fun to take! I'm sure most of you have seen them, but I wanted to share the link, just in case!

Monika and Jason are AMAZING! I'm so glad we found them and can't wait for them to photograph our big day!

Work: School has been good! Cheer has been insanely busy gearing up for our regional competition on December 18th that will qualify our girls to go to national's in February! Chris has been really busy at work, as well, but home for the most part, so that makes me a happy girl! We don't see each other much with our insane schedules during the week, so we've definitely been enjoying as much time together as we can on the weekends!

Misc.: Otherwise, we're still pretty boring! I'm excited to decorate for Christmas next Friday while Chris is at work...he won't know what to think when he gets home, I'm sure. I know he knows I love Christmas, and  really wanted to get married around the holiday because it's my favorite, but I think he's probably underestimating my propensity to decorate a home for the holiday...could be an adventure :)

Love and Miss you all!

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