Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Schedule

We had an awesome weekend! Lots of hanging out and catching up on stuff around the house! I did a good job running, but not so hot eating on Sunday. Sundays are hard for me...I need to figure out a strategy to not be so bad when I'm home all day...

Training schedule for the week...I've decided to move my Sunday runs to Monday. I really want a weekend day's what my week looks like:

Monday: 2.0 miles
Tuesday: 2.0 miles
Wednesday: Cross train
Thursday: 3.0 miles
Friday: Cross train
Saturday: 4.0 miles

We start weekend practices for cheer this weekend, it'll be busy, but at least I know I'll get up and run before I head to practice so I have the rest of my day!

Have a good week!

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