Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So it's final...according to the Clinton County family court, I am no longer married. I am so relieved, and excited, and exhausted, and just the tiniest bit sad for what was supposed to be, but more than anything, I'm so excited that I survived it all...and have SO MUCH to look forward to. I've learned so much about myself, who I am, who I'm not...what I want and what I don't want. I really think that's what God intended for me to get out of this experience. It's been hard, and sad, and awful, but at the same time SO MANY good things have come out of it. So many good things.

Of course this news comes right before a big day for me tomorrow...our little boy's birthday. It's always a hard day for me, but it helps so much to remember, and know that he's in absolutely no pain, and has more than enough grandmas and aunts and friends to take care of him until I make it up there someday in the very far off future! I know he's in great hands and have no doubt that I'll meet him, again, some day.

God is good. He's always there to take care of me when I need it, and even when I think I don't. I thank Him for the people's he's reminded me that I've always had in my life, and for the new people he has put in my path in the last few months. I love you all, so much.

Ms. Nelson

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