Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Germ Donkeys are at it Again....

So, I currently have the latest version of the crud that my little lovelies are passing around...dang them. Being a first-year teacher is like serving combat duty in some foreign, third world country where you never know what kind of nasty you're going to catch...I had a pretty good streak going...hadn't been sick enough to miss school since the second week of school...now I'm sick enough to miss school, but we're smack in the middle of our Force and Motion unit and there's no way I'm leaving a sub to take care of that...so, I'm toughing it out...making sure to infect as many of them along the way as possible ;)

Other than that, there's not too much that's terribly exciting...I got to announce the American Royal Junior Livestock Judging Contest again this year. It is always so much fun and I really look forward to getting to do that every year!

Otherwise, I'm pretty boring! The dog is doing well! She's a little holy terror, but at least she's cute! I've started to get some decorating done in my apartment and will have to post pictures soon after I get it all done! I only have three boxes left to unpack and some organizing to do and then I'll be officially moved in. It only took me twoish months, but who's counting, and who cares for that matter.

Next week is a hard week for me...especially doing it alone this year. I'm just glad I have amazing friends and a wonderful family to stand by me as I face my little boy's birthday for another year. I pray that I won't ever forget, but that it continues to get a little easier, every year. Please just say a quick prayer if you can. I'd really appreciate that!

Love you all!

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