Friday, January 21, 2011

Lots of Snow...

So those of you that know me know full-well how much I despise the winter, the snow, the cold, all of it. So the latest round of wintry weather here in Liberty, MO has not made me a happy camper. Now that's I'm done complaining (at least for this post, you all know better than to think I'll never complain about the cold again, ever.), Brian and Caden and I did have lots of fun sledding yesterday! There was a wipe out...and some tears after the crash, but we all recovered and had a great time! I think our breakfast of bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes (yes, all cooked in the bacon grease) kept us warm and the hike up and down the hill helped us to not all have heart attacks yesterday! We're in school today...but it's snowing, again, and we're supposed to get somewhere between 3-7 inches on Sunday and Monday. Joy. There goes Ms. Nelson's spring break. Grrrr...

Anyway, on to happier things! Other than the snow, things have been great! We have been staying busy with lots of work, gymnastics, dance, and other various fun things! Caden and I are both dancing at the same studio here in Liberty and we're both getting VERY excited for our recital in April! There will be more to come on that, I'm sure! We dance at Studio 10 here in Liberty. If anyone in the area is looking for a dance studio, we LOVE it! It is a non-competition studio, so the kids really just learn to love to dance and the philosophy of the studio is very Christian-based, so we love the uplifting atmosphere! Shameless plug for them here, but we LOVE Ms. Cassie!!

We're VERY busy between four jobs and a kiddo, but we wouldn't have it any other way! We're having a blast and are definitely looking forward to spring! Miss Malli is as adorable as ever! She's been on her special food for a month now and is doing amazingly well!! I think we got her fixed for sure! Other than the new vet telling us she thinks she's about 4 years old instead of a year and a doesn't matter! We love her anyway!

I need to go grab some lunch in my 10 minute teacher lunch! Love you all!

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