Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seriously...Enough Winter.

Okay, more whining from this Southern-blooded girl...somewhere around 10-15 inches of snow and 6, yes, 6 degrees today. Seriously. I'm done with winter. Forever. If it never snowed again I would be perfectly happy. Hopefully our illustrious governor (read with as much sarcasm as possible) forgives some of our snow days. Otherwise, it could potentially be July until we're done with all of our school this year...okay, probably not that late, but I would guess we run right into summer school like we did last year. Bleh.

Speaking of summer school, I'm already getting all of my materials together to apply to teach. I really hope I'll have the opportunity to teach summer school, but with the current budget situation everyone is in, I would guess that it's going to be pretty competitive to get in. All I can do is apply, and pray. That's what I intend to do anyway!

On a positive, and less whiny note, we've had a great couple of snow days! Brian and Caden and I hung out all day yesterday. I got some cleaning done, some cooking done, and lots of reading done! There was also lots of wii and a few board games played! Today, Caden and I got up and made Brian breakfast in bed...complete with bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, toast, and coffee. Caden insists that I let everyone know she made the eggs. And she did a fabulous job, I might add! The rest of our day has been full of laundry, wii, and starting to go stir-crazy...hopefully, we can get creative here in a little bit and find some other things to do. I might actually trudge over to the fitness center and get a run in. Maybe...

Other than that, we're just hanging out and staying warm. Hopefully, we'll go back to school sometime this week. With the predicted wind chills tomorrow, it's not looking super promising, though. One can always hope.

Hopefully everyone else is warm and safe! Love you all!

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