Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday's List

I'm a horrible's yesterday's list.

I'm thankful for:

  1. A spontaneous husband that took me to the Nelson just to look at the pretty stuff because I wanted to go!
  2. Malli sleeping all night long with no whining...yay!
  3. Being able to workout in my house since it's a million degrees outside.
  4. Air conditioning...we all take it for granted, it's actually amazing and lots of people don't have it!
  5. Andy Griffith reruns and marathons on TV. I get reminded of a great life lesson every time I watch an episode...if I taught a character ed class at school, I'd teach it with Andy Griffith Show episodes.
  6. My iPhone. It's my calendar, my Bible, my GPS, my link to my family and friends, pretty much everything!
  7. Modern medicine. 
  8. Lifetime movies...I'm such a sucker for those things.
  9. The Library...I'd go broke buying books the way I've been reading lately.
  10. One mushy one...holding my husband's hand. I LOVE THAT!

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