Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's Your Calling?

Happy Sunday!

We had an awesome sermon this morning at church. Jason talked a lot about what we were being called to do in our lives, either professionally or otherwise. He also talked a lot about how things have to be in alignment for it to be a true calling. Not only do you have to be called to do it, but your community has to see it as a strength or a calling that's yours and the timing has to be right. It was definitely something to think about.

Then he has us do a short exercise. We had to write down four little lists.

List 1 - What are your gifts? What has God given you that you can just "do"?
List 2 - What are your wounds? What are the negative things that have shaped you?
List 3 - What are outraged about? What do you see on TV and say "somebody should do something"?
List 4 - What are your passions? What can you not live without?

Then he told us to take those lists and pray that God would connect the dots between the four lists and let us know what we were supposed to do...pretty cool!

After church this morning, Mom's this afternoon, and getting ready for Bible School tonight (it starts tomorrow! I'm teaching 5th grade!) I have LOTS to be thankful for.

Today, I'm thankful for:

  1. Messages and verses that are just right, at just the right time :)
  2. Being able to go to Mom and Dad's on Sundays just to eat and hang out for a few hours.
  3. That my Uncle Bob got through another surgery in good shape! We're all praying for another speedy recovery!
  4. Being able to teach a class of 5th graders about how they can work together to share their gifts with people who need them.
  5. Puff I was working on our classroom supply box, I was reminded how much I loved the stuff! It's so much fun! And so works as paint, glue...border...
  6. Seeing my husband's wedding ring on his finger. It never gets old :)
  7. Planning time off to go see Chris' family. We haven't seen some of them since the wedding!
  8. Ordering wedding pictures, finally. I'm a slacker, but I'm excited to get some of them up in the house.
  9. Awesome neighbors. Not only did they introduce us, but Nikki came through with some much needed glue tonight!
  10. Brown rice. I'd starve without it. It goes with EVERYTHING!

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